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Christopher L Klein
189 Rule Street, Franklin Square, NY 11010 phone (516) 486-7986
fax (516) 486-1762
e-mail: christopherleok@verizon.net
website: http://www.christopherleoklein.com http://www.christopherleoklein.com

Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks.
Highly knowledgeable in Art and Art History.
Possess great dexterity with a variety of tools and with all types of art equipment.
Produce artwork that is highly realistic as well as otherwise..
I work well with other people who are serious about their work.
Highly skilled in studio arts as well as sculpture for 3D Engraving.
Well versed in the use of machine tools and shop machinery.
Skilled with most measuring tools.

Major: Graphic Communications School: Hendriks Institute Location: NY
Degree: Certificate Completion Date: 07/2003

Major: Painting Workshops School: School of Visual Arts Location: NY
Degree: Studio Art Completion Date: 05/1999

Major: Printmaking School: Adelphi University Location: NY
Degree: Began Masters Completion Date: not completed

Major: Studio Art/Art History School: Oneonta State College Location: NY
Degree: Bachelors Completion Date: 05/1977


Employer: Self
Title: Artist/Illustrator
Location: Franklin Square, NY
Duration: 1977 - Present
Job Duties: I create art on a freelance basis.
Employer: A&M Steel Stamps
Title: Artist/Engraver
Location: Mineola, NY
Duration: 04/1981  -  11/2002 Left to pursue my own ambitions.
Job Duties: I created art and sculpture from prints and drawings supplied by customers. I then transferred this work into a variety of materials including graphite, steel, aluminum as well as plastics and other metals.
This was done to put artwork into molds, dies and stamps for use in the manufacture and labelling of diverse products.